Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software

You can use one of the BEST mass mailing software available in market with following features


  • SMTP Rotation
  • Sender Rotation
  • IP Address Rotation
  • Bounce Server Rotation
  • Webmail Integration
  • Subscription Manager
  • Proxy Settings
  • Setup Wizards
  • Dynamic X-Mailer Headers
  • Message Body Spinning
  • Scrub During Import
  • Split Large Files
  • One-Click Confirmation


SMTP Rotation

Rotate your campaign across a cluster of up to (100) SMTP with micro-managed throttling and DKIM-compliant SMART Rotation for the best delivery rates ever.


IP Address Rotation

Rotate across all the IP Addresses on your SMTP server and tell the software how many messages to send from each account. Great for VPS and Dedi


Sending Accts Rotation

Rotate across up to (100) concurrent sending accts with micro-managed throtlle control and pause and delay settingsfor complete campaign control.

Bounce Acct Rotation

Rotate unlimited Bounce Accounts to prevent backscatter. Import Bounce accts with a text file or attach your Bounce Server directly with ease.


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One of the Best Mass Mailing Software You can use one of the BEST mass mailing software a..